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 Telecommunication networks are transmission systems enabling information to be transmitted in analogue or digital form between various different sites by means of electromagnetic or optical signals.

 The information may consist of audio/video data or some other types of data.

 The networks are based either on wired or wireless infrastructures. Typical examples of telecommunication networks are the landline network, the mobile network, cable TV networks and the internet.

 When several users of telecommunications media wish to communicate with one another, they must be organized into some form of network. Modern telecommunications networks avoid issues by establishing a linked network of switches, or nodes, such that each user is connected to one of the nodes.

  Each link in such a network is called a communications channel. Wire, fibre-optic cable, and radio waves may be used for different communications channels.


 SMTE understands your business needs by building a robust network infrastructure. A strong network infrastructure plays a significant role in supporting a variety of client applications in a mission critical environment across verticals.

 Our service offerings include Consulting, Planning, Designing, Deployment, Sustaining, Management and Assessment.

  • Routing and Switching
  • Wireless and Mobility
  • Data Centre networking
  • Performance Optimization Support
  • Maintenance and Outsourcing

 SMTE specializes in:

  • Local Area Network
  • Wide Area Network
  • Network Integration
  • Local Area Networking solutions

 With a great amount of experience, SMTE is leading the IT Industry with support staff, tools, products & solutions to effectively manage your network infrastructure, support key applications for an excellent end user experience.

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